• I can’t wait to see this at the Imax
    Over one million images carefully combined to provide the first real footage of what a flight through our Solar System and beyond would look like.
    Here’s the Wikipedia Blurb
    In […]

  • I’ve been working on a children’s scifi story “A World Away from Home and needed to know how far our heroes needed to go before they were in space. This is a pretty neat little video that explains the basics.

  • Thumbnail(Nanowerk News 20140621) Printed electronics, the field in which electronic devices are produced by printing functional materials in ink form without the need for large and expensive manufacturing equipment, has […]

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    From NPR.ORG. June 2014
    What if you could swallow a computer the size of a poppy seed, and it could report back exactly if and when you took a medicine while recording how your body responded to the drug?
    It […]

  • I strongly believe that religions should call it a day, The world is round, the universe was created 13.8 billion years ago. Earth is 4 billion years old and if there is a God, now lets have a look at the nub of  what all the religions say;  God is Love. It seems the One True Teaching is  not all the rules and edicts created by humans for…[Read more]

  • (Newser) – The US military’s research division is turning its considerable might against one of the military’s most persistent foes: mental illness. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency today announced a $26 million effort to develop a brain implant that could treat things like PTSD, anxiety, and depression. “At DARPA, we think that we…[Read more]

  • goodchefWe all have kitchens, we all have computers. Would you let a stranger into your kitchen to cook a meal?
    Imagine Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu are chefs and your kitchen is your computer.
    Here’s the difference between an application running on Microsoft Windows and an application running on Ubuntu. It’s a bit rough and ready but gives you the…[Read more]

  • The researchers behind it don’t want to call it suspended animation, but it’s the most conventional way to explain it. The world’s first humans trials will start at the UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh, with 10 patients whose injuries would otherwise be fatal to operate on. A team of surgeons will remove the patient’s blood, replacing it…[Read more]

  • Nanotechnology is already converging with robotics and, combined with nanoscale communication systems, we are seeing a prolific explosion of pervasive technologies that are rapidly replacing not only the work we […]

  • All the buttons on the calendar work

    Download this and add the Liverpool University 2014-2015 to your own Google calendar
    You can copy and paste this into any calendar product that supports the ical format.

    The Information is from the [Read more]

  • Live streaming video by Ustream

    We are one race and this is all we have.
    Elegant weaves of life and nature.
    All perfectly balanced.
    A flow that feeds us all.

  • ThumbnailWhat if spacetime were a kind of fluid? This is the question tackled by theoretical physicists working on quantum gravity by creating models attempting to reconcile gravity and quantum mechanics. Some of these […]

  • ThumbnailFrom 2008 to 2010, as Edward Snowden has revealed, the National Security Agency (NSA) collaborated with the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) to intercept the webcam footage of 1.8 million […]

  • Heat Resistant RNA

    (Nanowerk News) A team of nanotechnology researchers at the University of Kentucky has discovered new methods to build heat resistant nanostructures and arrays using RNA.

    The Guo lab reports that RNA ribonucleic acid can be used as an anionic polymer material to build nanostructures with controllable shape and defined structure. The researchers…[Read more]

  • Here it is (ripped fully from the BBC site) are some of the key terms referred to in the classified documents, let loose by the good Mr Snowden, and the reports about them.

    The list refers to documents alleged […]

  • ThumbnailIn ‘Nanopunk’, Alister’s nano-engineered Soft-Machine outfit can make him invisible. It seems his outfit just got one step closer to being reality. Half the time used in writing Nanopunk was taken up researching […]

  • Despite the fairly steady sales of Nanopunk and Lightning Seed, reviews are a bit thin on the ground. I’ve collected those I could find and pasted them here.

    Barnes & Noble
    Ominously foreshadowed by today’s […]

  • ThumbnailMoore No More.
     Moore’s law is no longer expected to deliver improved transistor cost scaling at or below the 20nm node. 

    Moore’s Law, that the number of transistors on a chip doubles approximately every two […]

  • 100 million years ago, in an attempt to eradicate the subatomic entities known as Valeans, the Xarts destroyed their own planet.
    65 Million years ago, meteors, remains of Xart crashed into Earth and almost wiped […]

  • Found this excellent and informative video about MMO-RPG-FPS game ‘Destiny’.
    Well worth a look for anyone looking forward to the game.
    When not writing (or waking the dog, or cooking for the family) I’m on the […]

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