Why China

A couple of people have asked why China, given the current stream of criticisms it receives for its human rights, political corruption, censorship  etc.

Basically, China is a very big country with a very large population; the vast majority of which are good, hard working honest, decent people. The same goes for the majority of people holding office in local prefectures and councils across the country.  China is not unique, corruption is found in all bureaucracies, all governments. Take a look at your local national paper for proof. I’d suspect that considering the scale of government structure in China, the level of corruption is proportionally far less that one might find in other ‘democracies’.

I presented China as the nation that comes to the rescue of Europe after the Big Freeze in order to follow the arc of wealth generation and scientific and technological development we are currently seeing. The way things seem to be going, China is set to be a world leader in these areas and it’s logical to hypothesise that if such a catastrophic event as a Big Freeze did occur at some point in the future, China would be better placed socially and technologically to deal with it.

So that is why, in the book “Cloud” it is China and not the USA or any other superpower that emerges as the dominant source of support and aid.

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