Manufacturing the Future

The Soft-Machine outfit in my novel “Cloud” is a step closer. The shape-shifting outfit is wi-fi enabled, generates its own electricity and has colour changing abilities. all of which can now be achieved through available technologies. And  the rule of science is Convergence. Herre is the latest instalment to the science behind the fiction.

Piezoelectric effects-based nanogenerator technology that converts existing sources of nonpolluting energies, such as vibrational and mechanical energy from the nature of wind and waves, into infinite electrical energy is drawing immense interest in the next-generation energy harvesting technology. However, previous nanogenerator technologies have limitations such as complicated process, high-cost, and size-related restrictions.
Recently, Professor Lee’s research team has developed a nanocomposite-based nanogenerator that successfully overcomes the critical restrictions existed in previous nanogenerators and builds a simple, low-cost, and large-scale self-powered energy system.

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