The Cave Maze: Wizard Warrior Quest

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He was only eight when a bloodied sorcerer tutored him on the perils of questing in the Cave Maze… …The craving to enter has tormented ever since. The Wizard Talhoffer stocked the underground labyrinth with a murderous assortment of beasts, traps, gold, and personal magic items worth dying for. And treasure hunters did die for…

Recovery of a Colony Ship

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EXPANDED AND ENHANCED VERSION AS OF FEBRUARY 6, 2016 Michael and Jamie live in Dome 17. The last place safe for humans, or any life, on a dying earth. They are adventurers who have explored other domes, but everywhere else is dead. Will Dome 17 meet the same fate? The committee has a risky plan…

The Legend of the Lost Rose


The Legend of the Lost Rose : An Interactive Fairy Tale for Teens ages 9-12+: A Premiere Fantasy (“The Legend of” Series) The Legend of the Lost Rose features exciting full touch screen animations, and links to fun merchandise items that make you a part of the story! This is an awesome fantasy novel for…

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Spark the Flying Frog


Spark the Flying Frog : An Epic Fairy Tale for teens ages 9-12+: A Premiere Fantasy (“The Legend of” Series) Spark the Flying Frog : An Interactive Fairy Tale for Children ages 9-12 It features the dynamic birth of adorable, little flying Spark, introduces his parents Hexeba, former queen of the faeries, and Michigan, the…

The Great Death

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Eighteen-year-old Phoh Weaver was abandoned in the former United States as a baby. Now she lives with her adoptive tribe along the Great Michigan Desert. Living with her friends and adoptive human family, Phoh negotiates being an alien while trying to hide her supernatural gifts. The enigmatic Woman in White enters Phoh’s life—bringing a mission.…

Dark Side of the World: Golden Silence


Golden Silence: A story of isolation, the effects and a retaliating war surrounding it. Future Earth has a new face of blue. Across the ocean, the new circular island of Pervil is congested with impressive towers and giant Tv screens in every direction, but crime and terror wander the streets with a violent race of…