Origins: Psychic Unleashed

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Young. Psychic. Deadly When CIA operatives discover that teens Cassie Reynold and Ronnie Gilmore possess uncanny psychic abilities, their seemingly normal existence is catapulted into a world of espionage, mayhem, and cold blooded murder. Set against the backdrop of the Cold War, these two high-value targets are marked as prey for renegade agent Thorne. Capturing…

Exit of the Ascended


David Dante is your typical middle class guy. House, kid in college, and a job where technology is taking over. Every day he watches as his position becomes more and more obsolete. With bills piling up, and job prospects dwindling, all hope seems lost. But a simple routine procedure of getting a neural implant can…

Steel Breach


A battalion of convicts… Fifty second hand armored vehicles… A desperate scramble to hold the line… “The battle scenes are so realistically described that you feel like you were there” “tight and entertaining and great soldier sci-fi”     Load up Widgets